Saturday, May 8, 2010

lil' mini update

i just wanted to let the 3-4 people that actually check this out know that we got some stuff in the works. the record should be going off to the presses in the next couple weeks and we are working on some art. we have some shirts we made and those will be up on this website for order at some point in time. so expect that soon. also i wanted to mention that the React! showcase we played last month was in fact Phil's final show with us. so i wanted to say i've had truly wonderful time playing music with Phil over the last few years and ill miss that, but all is not lost check out Phil's other projects AIRFIX KITS and SYDNEY DUCKS. on that note we are looking for a new drummer, we got some potential rock and rollers it shouldn't take too long. in the meantime listen to DANZIG II.