Thursday, September 22, 2011

September Update...

Hey you freaks. We're playing the React Showcase tomorrow at Gilman with Nails and Not Sorry and Devotion. Give too.

To get everyone in the spirit, Clark has been offering words of motivation to folks traveling to the show. Here's what he had to say to 'ol J25:

"Hello there son. This is the head talent scout from the miami
dolphins. I heard you were in florida and would like to extend the
opportunity to you to try out for first string quarterback for the
dolphins. My reports show that you have an arm like a fucking cannon,
and the quickness of a puma in heat. There's been a lack of leadership
since the days of dan marino, (god rest his soul) and well, mr. 25, I
think you're just the one to get us to the superbowl. If you'd like to
discuss this more, please contact me, and ill treat you to all the
popcorn shrimp at red lobster you can eat. Hell, ill even throw in a
bloomin' onion. We need you, kid."

In case you didn't already know, J25 has the haircut of Harlon Hill (da Bears) circa 1951...and he's a beautiful man for it. I used to try that shit but have since given up on everything and buzz my head on the reg. You should try it sometime, it'll change your life.

Moving forward, we're recording next month. Gotta gig on Oct. 9th in beautiful San Jose with Coke Bust. Trying to get that split out still. Trying to get to the East Coast sometime after Christmas. That's all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April Update...

We are playing the Sound and Fury Festival being held on the weekend of July 22nd-24th in Santa Barbara. We are thrilled to play alongside the likes of our friends in Not Sorry, Ceremony, and Violation and countless other bands. Cool to see lots of up and coming bands getting the notoriety they deserve this year. For info regarding the fest, as if you need me to tell you, go here: (and don't forget, #saf11 #saf11 #saf11 (if you dig Twitter).

Other than SAF, our only scheduled show is gonna be next Saturday, May 7th at the revered Swamp in Oakland. The show is stacked, here's the info:

Secret People
Zero Progress
Stress Relief (Redding)
Living Eyes (Oakland - members of lbal, skin like iron, punch, rely)

The Swamp
877 35th St
Oakland, CA
$5 Doors open @ 7

We had our first practice in months last night, in true Secret People fashion, and knocked out 2 more new songs. Well on our way towards an LP to be recorded in August.

Go Sharks!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Thank you to anyone who braved the downpour last night to get to the Balazo show. It's been a while since our last show and it was good to gig with the likes of Fell To Low, Praise, and Betrayed. Hopefully you got there early enough to catch Living Eyes' first show. I anticipate cool things from them in the future.

We won't be playing locally much as we're writing for an LP. We're about 2.5 songs into it, but things will be coming along much more productively since Taylor Todd scored us this presumably sweet practice spot. We plan to record in July/August with a release date in September/October

Meanwhile, we have a split in the works, and an upcoming show at the Swamp in Oakland. More details on those events as they transpire.

Now playing:
Omegas - Sonic Order
Explosions In The Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Skin Like Iron - Descent Into Light