Tuesday, October 26, 2010

its been a lil' while and i though we got a little news so ill post it here.
first off it you haven't already go check out our record on www.downsidedrecords.com
secondly were playing a few shows in the great state of California with NOT SORRY they are from Seattle check them out here notsorrycrew.blogspot.com
those shows are as follows
11/11 sacramento
11/12 berkeley
11/13 fresno
11/14 somewhere in that mess called so-cal
11/15 ventura/santa barbara

eventually when we have this shit fully figured they will be over to the right in that upcoming shows section.
lastly Dante and Clark and Ian wrote a ripping new jam i gotta come up with some good stuff for that one, the pressures on.

ohh and one more thing GO GIANTS!